3-D Boxes

Our small challenge for 2019 was to create a 3-dimensional “quilted box”. Here are the rules:

3D Box With Cover

The box may be any shape and made from any material. It must be no smaller than a 6″ cube and no larger than a 15″ cube. It must be able to stand on a table on it’s own. At least one side has to open and the inside must be visible. Some portion must be quilted (three layers held together with stitching). Due at the July 2019 meeting.

And here are the artful containers:

Bumble Beads by Mary Clare Schuller
Starburst by Connie Yersin
Good Luck by Lori Schloesser
Marianne Kayne
Dog’s Treat by Linda Pavlovich
Circles by Vicki Spiering
Sonja Pavlik
Spinstars Cubed by Chris Kirsch


Our most recent challenge has been completed. We had great participation – 16 out of 19 members made an octagon quilt. Here are the challenge rules:

“Quilt must be in the shape of a symmetrical octagon, measuring 40”, from flat side to flat side, in all directions, and should be oriented with a flat edge along the top; and quilted through 3 layers. The design must revolve around the theme “eight”. Use your imagination: a new take on a traditional 8 sided quilt pattern, a pictorial of an 8 legged/armed creature, 8 of a kind, ??? It doesn’t need to contain 8 of something i.e. A pictorial quilt of the Octagon House in Watertown would be acceptable, even if all 8 sides do not appear in the quilt. Borders and finishing techniques are up to each quilter since the overall shape will be the unifying feature of the challenge.”

And here are the quilts:

Octavia by MaryJo Busch

Eight Days a Week I Love My Jeans by Kathryn Heyderhoff

Octabulous Star by Chris Lynn Kirsch

Mathematical Origami Octagon by Sonja Pavlik

Treasures Under the Water by Linda Pavlovich

8 Crazy Eights by Susan Schlobohm

Eight Eights by Lori Schloesser

Atomic Number 8 by Mary Clare Schuller

Bouq*eight – 8 Daisies by Vicki Spiering

Hot Air Balloon by Louise Sundquist

Bright Stars Through Eight Oktas by Cindy Vick

Octabulous Colors by Vicky Wolf

88 Keys by Connie Yersin

Love of Goldens by Joan Weiermann

Photo Inspiration: Door

We began by submitting photographs, and then held a vote to choose the picture for the challenge. These were the options:

And the winner:

The rules: Make a quilt inspired by the chosen picture. The finished quilt must be 32″ wide x 42″ long( + or – 1″). Due at the January 2018 meeting.

And… the quilts! 

Eight of them have been juried into the Ultimate Guild Challenge contest held at the AQS show in Grand Rapids, MI. Wish us luck!

Welcome to My Carribean Garden by JoAnna Fritz
Old and New by Kathy Heyderhof
Beyond the Door by Marianne Kayne
Stretch, Warp, Abstract by Chris Lynn Kirsch
Unlocked by Betty Lerner


Greek Isle Home by Sonja Pavlik
Behind Bars by Lori Schloesser
Alice Finds a Garden by Mary Clare Schuller
Paradise Beyond by Vicki Spiering
Keys to the Kingdom by Louise Sundquist
Open Door by Cindy Vick
Island Dream’n by Vicky Wolf
Whimsical Door by Connie Yersin

Connie was at the show in Grand Rapids and took this picture of our first “National Quilt Show” exhibit!

Our next “Photo Inspiration: Door” exhibit included all 12 of them at the Madison Quilt Expo 2020!

What a blast to see them all hanging in this wonderful national level quilt show!

Anything Goes Challenge

Each participant chooses something: a block, a hunk of fabric, a small failed project, a piece of fabric they’ve dyed or painted – anything goes. This item is placed in a paper bag with some symbol recognizable only to the owner (the owner is not revealed until the end of the rounds), and they are all thrown in a pile on the floor. Everyone picks a new bag, opens it, and pictures are taken for future reference. New “owner” does something to it – anything goes. The exchange continues for 4 or 5 times with the originator getting her bag back. Only rule – no one can be upset about what anyone else does during their turn!

Bag A – Beginnings


first round – Connie


second round – Mary Claire


third round – Louise


fourth round – Betty

fifth round – Laura, belongs to Mary Jo

Bag B – Beginnings 


first round – Chris


second round – MaryJo


third round – Vicky


fourth round – Connie

fifth round – Lori, belongs to Betty

Betty’s finale!

Bag C – Beginnings


first round – Vicky


second round – Sonja


third round – Vicki


fourth round – Brenda

fifth round – Mary Clare, belongs to Lori

Lori’s finale #1

Lori’s finale #2

Bag D – Beginnings


first round – Betty


second round Lori


third round – Chris


fourth round – MaryJo

fifth round Vicki, belongs to Sonja

Bag E – Beginnings


first round – Lori


second round – Betty


third round – Connie


fourth round – Mary Clare

fifth round Chris, belongs to Vicky

Vicky’s finale!

Bag F – Beginnings


first round – Laura


second round – Connie


third round – Sonja

fourth round Brenda, belongs to Chris

Chris’ finale!

Bag G – Beginnings


first round – Vicki


second round – Chris


third round – Brenda


fourth round – Louise

fifth round – Sonja, belongs to Laura

Laura’s Finale!

Bag H – Beginnings


first round – Sonja


second round – Mary Jo


third round – Laura


fourth round – Lori

fifth round Louise, belongs to Vicki

Bag I – Beginnings


first round – MaryJo


second round – Vicki


third round – Betty


fourth round – Laura

fifth round Vicky, belongs to Connie

Connie’s finale!

Bag J – Beginnings


first round – Vicky


second round – Lori


fourth round – Chris

fifth round Mary Jo, belongs to Brenda

Bag K – Beginnings


first round – Laura


second round – MaryJo


third round – Vicky

fourth round – Betty, belongs to Mary Clare

Bag L – Beginnings


first round – Mary Clare


second round – Vicki

third round – Connie, belongs to Louise

Louise’s finale!

Our First Threadbender’s Exhibit!

January, 2018 – The finished Anything Goes challenges quilts were displayed at Sew Much More in Waukesha.

This is the first of what we hope will be many Threadbender’s exhibits!