Our most recent challenge has been completed. We had great participation – 16 out of 19 members made an octagon quilt. Here are the challenge rules:

“Quilt must be in the shape of a symmetrical octagon, measuring 40”, from flat side to flat side, in all directions, and should be oriented with a flat edge along the top; and quilted through 3 layers. The design must revolve around the theme “eight”. Use your imagination: a new take on a traditional 8 sided quilt pattern, a pictorial of an 8 legged/armed creature, 8 of a kind, ??? It doesn’t need to contain 8 of something i.e. A pictorial quilt of the Octagon House in Watertown would be acceptable, even if all 8 sides do not appear in the quilt. Borders and finishing techniques are up to each quilter since the overall shape will be the unifying feature of the challenge.”

And here are the quilts:

Octavia by MaryJo Busch
Eight Days a Week I Love My Jeans by Kathryn Heyderhoff
Octabulous Star by Chris Lynn Kirsch

Mathematical Origami Octagon by Sonja Pavlik
Treasures Under the Water by Linda Pavlovich
8 Crazy Eights by Susan Schlobohm
Eight Eights by Lori Schloesser
Atomic Number 8 by Mary Clare Schuller
Bouq*eight – 8 Daisies by Vicki Spiering
Hot Air Balloon by Louise Sundquist
Bright Stars Through Eight Oktas by Cindy Vick
Octabulous Colors by Vicky Wolf
88 Keys by Connie Yersin
Love of Goldens by Joan Weiermann

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