Meet the Artists

MaryJo Busch

As a fiber artist I work hard to develop quilts that convey to me and to others the beauty that exists. My creations are inspired by the ordinary as well as the extraordinary… things such as the environment, patterns found in everyday architecture, and people.
As a professional quilter, I wish to produce designs and textures that enhance the imagery originated by the client in the piecing process. I try with every finished piece to breathe life into it so that it’s designs, innovations, and ideas are displayed.

JoAnna Fritz

As a fiber artist, I am inspired by color first, and seek to explore my ideas through my hand dyeing and mixed media work on fabric. This becomes the palette for my art quilts. Originally from Indiana, I grew up exploring in the woods, along the water and lost in my imagination. I use photography to capture the line, shape, form, and shadow that intrigue me and I look for ways to interpret these on fabric. Physical limitations require that I focus on primarily small works, but my faith and my creativity feed my soul each day.
To see a sample of JoAnna’s work click here!

Chris Lynn Kirsch

I have a puzzling brain. When I combine it with fabric and thread I never know what will happen. The journey may be joyful, exciting, and interesting; or bumpy and fraught with dead ends… but never dull. Being made in the image of the Creator God, I know where my creativity comes from – and I’m grateful.

To visit Chris’ website and see more of her work go to:

Laura Krasinski

I started my journey as an artist in paper art. Then moved to mixed media. The collage process was so inspiring to me. I started quilting in 2003. Art quilts followed soon after. I love the bright colors, the fabrics and my creativity to make whatever I wanted.   I fell in love with art quilts . For me a traditional quilt and a 1/4” seam was just too hard.  Now I make Traditional and Art Quilts and I love making them both.

Betty Lerner

I find it very difficult to define my quilting and art. I work improvisationally, beginning with the fabric which determines the design.  I also believe in the quality of the work and use only traditional techniques.  My interest is in the process, not the product. To see a sampling of Betty’s work click here!

Sonja Lambach Pavlik

My art work is the visual manifestation of how I see the world. I see things in detail and technicolor and am happiest when I can combine them in my art work. The silliest things will tickle my funny bone and I find myself exclaiming, “What a pleasant surprise”.  Whether it is a bee on my hive, a ferocious tomato worm climbing the vine, or a wild piece of cloth that begs to  be cut up and turned into a bird, I see a future in it, a design, or a product. I love the creative journey as much as the final product. I love placing, removing, altering, and replacing pieces until I can step back and laugh.

Lori Schloesser

I’ve always been attracted to line and geometric shapes so quilting seems like the ideal medium to me.  I’ve been making quilts over 30 years and find there’s still more I can do with it.  I never get tired of sewing pieces of cloth together to make a statement.   I generally want to sew my pieces together, even if another technique might be easier. I also love the abstract “feel” that piecing gives a realistic design.  

Mary Clare Schuller

I have made a few art quilts, but I don’t consider myself an art quilter.  I respond strongly to modern quilts and have made a few of them, but I don’t consider myself a modern quilter.  I have made my share of traditional quilts (with a contemporary slant), but don’t consider myself a traditional quilter.  I guess I’m a quilter in search of a style.  But I’m having a fun journey!

Vicki Spiering

I’d like to consider myself adventuresome. I’ve tried miniatures and then miniatures to those miniatures until I’ve mastered it. And then I move on to another adventure. I find myself lately drawn to free form appliqué and original artwork. I haven’t study art, so trying something original is very scary, but in a fun sort of way. When I set out to make a quilt, I set small boundaries and a few rules and then go nuts.

Quilting is also my therapy. The therapy I receive from the first notion of color and design of a quilt through the end of its life is an unfolding story of joy, pain, pleasures, guilt, laughter and tears. All my quilts are the windows to my soul.

Louise Sundquist

 Joy in color
Happiness in pattern
Excitement in movement
Satisfaction in completion
Quilting, carving, writing
Dreaming, imagining, flying
Am I there yet?

Cynthia Vick

Fabric is the palette of choice, as there are many colors, designs and values for creating works of art which gives me joy in giving and comfort in making.

Connie Yersin

Inside the Box Creativity…..My environment needs to be orderly, organized, easily accessible, well designed and color coordinated. I love color, especially RED. It was my love of quilting that changed Red into a box full of color. I am continually learning, keeping an open mind, creating and doing what I love. 

The box top is ajar.

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